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Voice actors needed!

2009-03-01 09:08:24 by rakeria

Hey there! Rakeria here... You may have seen the outbreak I made and posted not too long ago.
Im gonna need voice actors for the next episode of the outbreak

If anyone wants to apply contact me :

Voice actors needed!

Fall and Raise

2008-11-27 11:34:10 by rakeria

Im working on a project called Fall and Raise.Its about an arch-demon and a arch-angel looking for two to kill desired person(s):The stone off Fall.And the stone to bring a person(s):The stone off raise.It will bring back to the surface off the world.They have the same goal. To kill all Evil gods/Gods to bring Evil gods/Gods back to the world and repair the world like they want it.

No release dates yet.

Self comments:

I didn't want anything to do with IRL religions so I decided it to b like an apocalyps style like Falllout or similar but with MFRPG(Medieval-Fantasy Roleplaying game)gods and evil gods(or so called demons XD)

Fall and Raise


2008-11-22 16:46:54 by rakeria

Horray! I logged in finally! after so many months...XD sorry with all the blam thingies here it was hard to squeeze out the "get better" info I needed and my selftrusting(sry bad english) dropped bcus my anims were stiff and so on....well now im bk for the third time and feel rdy

Animation Squad

2008-04-19 16:29:55 by rakeria

Me and Raffeh started a community not so long ago and were growing everyday,we even got our own portal!
Join now!

The portal


2008-01-26 13:48:40 by rakeria

P.S i like to do stick fig animations


2008-01-26 13:42:08 by rakeria

Hi im an animator at my 12:th age. Im new here to newgrounds but i hope i make alot of friends here :D!